Queen wasps are the only members of their colonies to survive through the winter - they will hibernate, only emerging when the weather is warm enough for them to start a new colony.

Wasps, along with all other insects are important for pollination, and pest control. However, especially towards the end of the summer, wasps can become a real pest, preying on your BBQ, and generally causing a nuisance.
They are also a danger for weaker colonies of honey bees - as food becomes scarce, wasps will attack honey bee colonies, overpowering the much smaller honey bees, and stealing their stored honey - sometimes killing the colony in the process.

How do I get rid of them?

Unfortunately, if you have pest wasps in or around your house, the only thing that can be done is to have them exterminated.

We would recommend you employ the services of a licensed pest controller - to ensure the wasps are dealt with in an humane and effective fashion.

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